Regal Investments announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Wall Street VPN for $12 million. The VPN, which provides high frequency trading networks, has been a popular choice among online traders with around 2,000 monthly users in December 2022. According to CEO Roble Regal, the acquisition of Wall Street VPN is a strategic move that will add disruptive technology and techniques to the firm’s portfolio. “We are excited to bring this innovative technology in-house and to continue to provide our clients with the best tools and resources for trading success,” said Mr. Regal. Steven Yiu, lead developer of Wall Street VPN, welcomes the investment and sees it as a way to expand and bring out the full value of the service. “We’re thrilled to have Regal Investments as our new partner. Their expertise and resources will help us take Wall Street VPN to the next level,” said Yiu. It is also highlighted that Wall Street VPN’s service has been taken offline after the buyout; the company plans to bring the service back online with new and improved features.  This acquisition is the latest in a series of strategic investments by Regal Investments, which remains committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing the best possible services to its clients. The company plans to continue to expand its portfolio and explore new opportunities for growth in the future. Source: Regal Investments