Qantm AI is a next-level software and infrastructure reseller in underserved markets, bolstered by the global eminence of the founder in the data and AI business community. It is not often that such a high-level expert departs from a well-respected position in one of the world’s largest firms, such as IBM, to form his own company. Widely recognized as one of the industry’s most preeminent business leaders in AI, Dr. Seth Dobrin has ideated and spearheaded some of the most innovative AI strategies for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Dobrin is the Founder of Qantm AI, which he launched in Dubai, UAE. The firm focuses on the Gulf States of the Middle East. Qantm is a strategic advisory firm centered on bridging the business value of AI to its technical execution through a human-centered approach, providing tailored solutions to each client. He founded the business after creating and launching a new human-centered methodology for designing and executing an AI strategy. During a recent interview, Dr. Dobrin made these comments, “Dubai is an exciting place to set down roots, and we are in a great position to help others in their next-level AI innovations and digital transformations.” Seth contributes to the scientific community with his technical and scientific eminence in data and AI by serving as a member of several advisory boards. He is also a member of Protocol’s Braintrust and the XPrize Braintrust. He advocates for responsible AI and inclusivity in tech; he is also a board advisor for the network Women Leaders in Data and AI, and a member of the board of the Responsible AI Institute. Dr. Dobrin has become a prominent voice in the world of AI. He has been featured in major international outlets such as Inc. Magazine, Protocol, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The National, The Gulf News, and  Seth has also spoken at numerous events, conferences, and institutions around the world, including The World AI Forum Cannes, AI Summit, TEDx Buffalo, Gitex Technology Week, London Tech Week, The AI World Summit, the CDO Summit, and the Spark Summit.  Qantm specializes in Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications and is considered the leader in this field. They are an independent provider of cloud and software solutions that is vendor agnostic.   At a press event, Dr. Dobrin said, “Our approach is derived from the firsthand experience of our founder who has transformed two Fortune 500 companies as well as guiding more than one hundred of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformation journey. This approach is outcome-based and human-centered and begins with establishing a technology strategy that is directly derived from the corporate strategy meeting with you examining where you are in your technological maturity.” He went on to say, “This is then followed by creation of a roadmap for the implementation of this strategy and then focused on the engineering of the solutions with rapid innovation cycles showing measurable value every six weeks.” Qantm AI is sought after by several Industry Sectors: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, Public Sectors, and others. For further information about Dr. Dobrin and Qantm, visit: Media Contact:Qantm LLCAttn: Media RelationsDubai, UAE+1 Source: Qantm AI, LLC