Goodly Cloud, a Canadian-based company, launched on the 1st of September, 2022. The company makes hardware lifecycle management insightful, simple, and predictable. Goodly Cloud is launching the early access version of its B2B SaaS. This software is for teams that want a simple and insightful tool to manage the lifecycle of their hardware. At maturity, the new SaaS tool will monitor each user’s hardware lifecycle, provide key insights and generate early notifications if action needs to be taken. The initial version of Goodly Cloud focuses on providing maximum value to users who oversee mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets & laptops as well as all related equipment and consumables.  “We are pleased to announce that our new enterprise, Goodly Cloud, launched on the 1st of September. Goodly Cloud provides a simple and intuitive software tool to maximize the total lifecycle value of hardware. If organizations don’t proactively manage the hardware lifecycle, it can increase hardware maintenance costs, cut down the useful life of hardware, compromise upgrade flexibility, and minimize the total value of investments. Our team is committed to solve this widely unaddressed problem by providing key insights into hardware lifecycles and providing a SaaS tool so they can effectively manage their equipment and prevent emergency situations,” said Phil Alexandre, CEO of Goodly Cloud. For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Phil Alexandre at Phil.Alexandre@Goodly.Cloud About Goodly Cloud Goodly Cloud is a team of passionate individuals who detected a problem in the way organizations manage they hardware’s lifecycle and decide to find a solution. Their intense research, dedication, and hard work laid the foundation of Goodly Cloud. Goodly Cloud helps organizations take control of their hardware’s lifecycle and while enabling users to have a positive impact on the world. The team at Goodly Cloud is conscientiously pursuing its mission to make hardware lifecycle management more efficient, smooth, and predictable. Source: Goodly Cloud