In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, My Legal Software (MyLS) has launched Immigration Speed: a new state-of-the-art software in legal case management. Created by attorneys with decades of legal experience, Immigration Speed is revolutionizing the field of case management with transformative cloud-based software. Immigration Speed offers attorneys a host of never-before-seen features to make case management easy - all while saving them up to thousands of dollars per year through innovative pricing plans. Be it in the office space or other remote workspace, Immigration Speed will streamline the way the user practices law. In business, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. The professionals work hard every day to meet their customers’ current needs and anticipate what they might want and expect in the future. They listen carefully, attend to the market demand, and monitor the cash flow. Immigration Speed, presented by MyLS, brings to everyone an All-in-One advanced legal case management software where one can access their files from their secured servers with just a click. It is an innovative system that changes the way firms and solo practitioners organize their client’s information while staying ahead of deadlines. It also offers free onsite and offsite demos. My Legal Software, LLC is the provider of choice for big-picture organizational problem solving and creative growth strategy. A software created by lawyers, for lawyers! Unlike other case management software, Immigration Speed also offers an option with licensing fees or user-based fees based on different plans. The clients will pay a one-time fee when a new case is created with the software. As a result, for many attorneys, Immigration Speed will effectively be free. If the business is not generated using Immigration Speed, then it will not involve any payment (applicable for specific plans). Immigration Speed was developed based on extensive feedback from paralegals and immigration attorneys. Unlike other general case management software, Immigration Speed is tailored specifically for immigration law firms. It will automatically organize and include all of the required immigration forms based on the type of case you create. The software’s Custom Forms feature will save time by providing the user with all the relevant Immigration Forms as per the requirements. Additionally, its Calendar and Mailing Modules are organized specifically to keep track of RFEs, NoIDs, call-up dates, and different kinds of interviews and hearings. My Legal Software’s solutions are out of the box and ready to plug and play. It identifies any challenges swiftly and immediately designs strategies to address them, always keeping the business’s need ahead for minimal disruption. The software has aided the businesses for over 10 years by beta testing the software, both here in this community and internationally. The creators know the landscape, the market and the industry.Contact: Source: My Legal Software