Launched in 2015, Laipic Technology and Culture Pte. Ltd has over 400+ employees. As of now, more than 5 million users are utilizing its products for professional work. The CEO, Bruce Wei’s vision is that Doratoon bridges the gap between the presenter and the audience in online scenarios. How Doratoon Helps in Education to Go to the Next Level? Complex Topics Made Easier Through Visuals The traditional way of teaching has moved past, visually captivating and interactive experiences can help students better understand the topic. Some cartoon makers like Doratoon can be great supporting tools for teachers, helping them break down complex topics using animations and visual texts making them understandable to a larger audience. Effective Remote Studying Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online teaching was among such techniques that came into play for effective ways of remote studying. Doratoon builds a bridge for remote education. 1000+ ready-made templates available that can aid instructors in making good presentations in a short amount of time which can be a great help. Builds Interest in the Topic Using visuals to teach classes is a lot more interesting for students compared to conventional means. It is easier to create engaging teaching materials by using video editing software like Doratoon for the classroom. It will help students remain involved with their teachers during class. How Doratoon Helps in Remote Work to Improve Work Efficiency? Excellent Way of Communication Visual business presentations make an excellent and coherent technique to convey the presenter’s message. Doratoon can help users make compelling presentations for all of their office-related tasks. They can take inspiration from built-in templates in creating reports, infographics, training videos, and business plans to deliver topic efficiently. Create Advertisement Videos Online advertising is key for any business to gain new clients. This type of outreaching is mainly done on social media through very well-crafted videos. Whether one wants to do product marketing or advertise the business to a wider audience, they can use Doratoon.  Enhances Sales Regarding business growth, engaging videos and posts can help attract traffic and for advertisement purposes that can automatically generate leads. Integrated with AI technology, Doratoon offers several animation features, especially for people doing remote work, enabling them to save time and generate more revenue. About Doratoon Doratoon is an animation software that allows people in the education and business sector to create presentations and animations by offering several assets under a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it ensures that efficiency is not compromised in the online education and remote work sector. It has various features that help in making good presentations and animations. Contact Details Website: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Email: Source: Doratoon