Intellect Data, Inc. is proud to release Intellect² STREAM, a platform that provides white-labeled video conferencing, streaming, and collaboration capabilities for embedding within organizational operations, sales, or support networks and workflow that boost business performance and service levels. STREAM’s SaaS and APIs leverage AI componentry under the covers and offer end-to-end encryption with more inclusive interactions, empowering organizations to connect, collaborate and share with constituents regardless of location, device, or infrastructure. White labeling and API options allow seamless integration with corporate applications.  STREAM provides a modern video conferencing and collaboration platform with capabilities for high-quality multi-point video with adaptive bitrate streaming in low and high bandwidth environments and facilitates rapid deployment. STREAM’s API allows organizations to embed enterprise-grade, secure, face-to-face communication into their applications for improved personalized virtual interactions. The ability to custom brand and customize solutions enable firms to enhance their user experience by tailoring to specific needs. Elevate operations, service, and support performance through improved virtual communication experiences.   

Connect directly and visually with employees, prospects, customers, students, or other stakeholders  Create more personalized service delivery versus audio-only or chat-only communications Distinguish services from the competition Promote internal brands 

“We are thrilled to release STREAM to the market, a solution that can measurably elevate engagement, help enhance communication, create more meaningful experiences, build upon brands, and create positive corporate images,” said Todd Smith, CEO.  “After all, efficient and effective communication is everything in the business world.” To learn more about empowering your organization with advanced analytics and obtain a no-obligation free trial, visit: About Intellect Data Intellect Data is a software solutions company incorporating data science and artificial intelligence into modern digital products with Intellect² ™. Intellect Data develops and implements software, software components, and software as a service (SaaS) for enterprise, desktop, web, mobile, Cloud, IoT, wearables, and AR/VR environments. Locate us on the web at Media Relations: Intellect DataUSA: +1 303-997-0302 | +1 Source: Intellect Data, Inc.