Rheinwerk Publishing, a leading German publisher on digital topics, today announced that it is releasing its first computing books in the English language, under the imprint Rheinwerk Computing. The books mark Rheinwerk Publishing’s second foray into the English language market, following the successful launch of the SAP PRESS brand in 2002. “The Rheinwerk Computing series is for burgeoning and established professionals who want to expand their skillsets and improve their career prospects,” Hareem Shafi, Acquisitions Editor for Rheinwerk Publishing, said. “Our books are written by some of the most respected experts in the German IT space, and it’s our privilege to bring their expertise to an international audience with these English editions.” Five titles have been translated from existing, popular German releases by authors new to the English market. The books cover various computing and computer development topics, with more books covering topics such as administration, security, and data science planned for release in 2023 and beyond. Initial titles are listed below:

JavaScript: The Comprehensive Guide Git: Project Management for Developers and DevOps Teams Node.js: The Comprehensive Guide Java: The Comprehensive Guide Python 3: The Comprehensive Guide

With this up-to-date series, readers are offered fresh options for computing information. They can expect detailed, textual descriptions and complete sample programs that provide hands-on guidance. Downloadable sample programs will also help readers learn and troubleshoot. ”Readers who have relied on the same books, year after year, now have another option,” Shafi said. “SAP’s successful efforts to embrace open and non-proprietary standards give us the opportunity of a unique market entry,” Florian Zimniak, Managing Director for Rheinwerk Publishing, said about the new releases. “With proven bestsellers that have dominated the German-speaking computer book market for years, we can broaden our scope for our existing customer base, SAP developers around the world. At the same time, these top-notch products will help us build new audiences and significantly expand our market.” Rheinwerk Computing books will be available in print, e-book, and bundled (both print and e-book) editions, and can be ordered beginning today on the Rheinwerk Computing website. About Rheinwerk Computing Rheinwerk Computing is an imprint of Rheinwerk Publishing, which was founded in Bonn, Germany in 1999. The publications are written by leading experts in the fields of programming, administration, security, analytics, and more. Each book is detailed and hands-on to help readers develop essential practical skills that they can apply to their daily work. For more information on the Rheinwerk Computing series of books, please visit www.rheinwerk-computing.com. For press inquiries and more information contact: Aja Walkes, Director of Marketing2 Heritage Dr. Suite 305Quincy, MA 02171Office: (781) 228-5070 Ext. 210ajaw@rheinwerk-publishing.com Source: Rheinwerk Computing