AnonTech announced that ViziVault is available through Red Hat Marketplace, an open cloud marketplace for customers to discover, try, purchase, deploy, and manage certified container-based software across environments — public and private, cloud and on-premises. With global privacy regulation on the rise, it’s important for enterprises to be proactive, rather than reactive, when addressing their data protection strategy to help defend individuals from cyber-crime and general misuse.                                  “As professionals in this space, we could not find a comprehensive solution to address this rapidly evolving issue,” said Stephen Graham, co-founder and CEO of AnonTech. ”Most organizations treat personal information like other forms of data, making no attempt to segregate it. This can create a huge risk when an event like a data breach occurs. Personal information is regulated differently and, therefore, should be treated differently. Traditionally, privacy has been treated as a legal problem, but we view it as a problem with how data is managed at its core.” Built in collaboration with Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace delivers a hybrid multicloud trifecta for organizations moving into the next era of computing: a robust ecosystem of partners, an industry-leading Kubernetes container platform, and award-winning commercial support — all on a highly scalable backend powered by IBM.  “We believe Red Hat Marketplace is an essential destination to unlock the value of cloud investments,” said Lars Herrmann, vice president, Partner Ecosystems, Products and Technologies, Red Hat. ”Our goal with the marketplace is to make it faster and easier for companies to implement the tools and technologies that can help them succeed in this hybrid multicloud world. We’ve simplified the steps to find and purchase tools like ViziVault that are tested, certified, and supported on Red Hat OpenShift, and we’ve removed operational barriers to deploying and managing these technologies on Kubernetes-native infrastructure.” Red Hat Marketplace is designed to meet the needs of developers, procurement teams, and IT leaders through streamlined access to enterprise software that has been tested and certified for Red Hat OpenShift. A containers-based approach helps ensure applications can be run and managed the exact same way, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure. This gives companies the flexibility to run their workloads on-premises or in any public or private cloud with improved portability and confidence that their applications and data are protected against vendor lock-in. AnonTech’s goal is to revolutionize personal information management and redefine the data privacy space. ViziVault allows organizations to isolate, manage, analyze, and protect personal information. ViziVault’s API makes integration a breeze. The management console allows the right people to monitor and administer personal information usage and is designed to keep organizations safe, secure, and in compliance with data privacy regulations. ViziVault bridges the gap between policy and operation by building privacy into products by design instead of being an afterthought. Contact AnonTech: Red Hat and OpenShift are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. Source: AnonTech