Appcues, the product onboarding and adoption platform for web and mobile apps, just announced a significant milestone for their Appcues Mobile solution and the fight against mobile app abandonment: in-app surveys.  With Appcues Mobile, teams can now quickly design and deliver contextual, personalized surveys to users in real-time—and without a developer. They can choose from a variety of question types, style the survey to match their brand, target specific user segments, and even trigger the survey the moment a user reaches a critical moment or completes an important step in their journey. “Mobile surveys are an incredibly effective and versatile tool for gathering user feedback and measuring sentiment,” said Appcues Senior Product Manager Michaela Sleeth. “With this new release, we’re making it easier than ever for non-technical teams to understand their audience, make informed decisions about how to improve their app, deliver tailored experiences that resonate, and more.” With countless apps competing for users’ attention, the most successful mobile app teams are focused on proving and re-proving value, as quickly and smoothly as possible, every time a user opens their app. But for most companies, that’s been easier said than done. Appcues Mobile, bolstered by its new in-app survey capabilities, is changing that and making it easy for every mobile business to compete at a high level. One lifestyle planning app, Forestye, realized meaningful improvements in onboarding rates, increased app usage, and engineering time saved. “Since implementing [Appcues Mobile], we’ve improved our success rate for onboarding newly registered users by 15%,” remarked Stephen Eddy, CEO of Foresyte. “User engagement has also improved as a result. If you’re looking for ways to improve the product adoption journey for your users, I strongly recommend reaching out to the Appcues team to see how they can help.” Visit to learn more. About Appcues Appcues is a product onboarding and adoption platform that was designed from the ground up to enable anybody, technical or not, to create beautiful, personalized in-app experiences that help their users fall in love with their product. Thousands of software businesses around the world use Appcues to improve how users engage with their products—from onboarding new users and driving product adoption, to creating awareness for new features and collecting customer insights—no developer needed. Appcues is backed by Sierra Ventures, NewSpring Capital, and Accomplice. To learn more and start your free trial, visit  Source: Appcues