Turno, a leading SaaS platform that integrates, automates, and simplifies recurring property services like cleaning for short-term rental owners and operators, announced today it has changed its name. Formerly TurnoverBnB, Turno’s new name embodies the company’s founding principles while reflecting its growing presence in vacation rental markets around the world. “Our mission is to simplify and automate the time-consuming work of managing turnovers—to solve cleaning. By shortening our own name, we are embracing and living that mission,” explained Assaf Karmon, CEO and Co-founder of Turno. “As our customers’ businesses have evolved, we’ve expanded and tailored our solutions to meet their changing needs. By decreasing day-to-day hassles and increasing automation, Turno users enjoy more time to focus on other pursuits, like growing their businesses.” Turno connects vacation rental operators to local cleaners whose turnover services are intimately tied to guest experiences and by extension, to the long-term success of short-term rental properties. Its platform features auto scheduling, in-app chat, auto payment, and quality assurance tools like checklists, photo sharing, and inventory management, and its custom mobile apps deliver scalable, on-the-go solutions. Turno’s localized marketplaces of independent cleaning professionals service large cities as well as countless towns and getaway destinations. With operations across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia plus its ability to securely transact payments in dozens of currencies, Turno helps short-term rental operators save time, improve processes, and drive revenue. In 2022, Turno introduced integrated language of choice, expanding global usability by offering its web platform, Host app, and Cleaner app in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. The breadth of Turno’s in-app language option is unparalleled in the STR industry and representative of its customer-first solutions. “By adopting a name that better expresses our brand promise of simplicity, automation, and ease-of-implementation, we are actively leaning into Turno’s longstanding mission,” Karmon continued. According to Karmon, this change was born out of the desire to give the company “a name that authentically portrays who we are, what we deliver, and the global reach we’ve aspired to achieve. There will be no disruption in service, and users will receive the same exceptional 24/7 live customer support they’ve come to expect from the Turno team.” About Turno Founded in 2016, Turno’s SaaS platform and separate mobile apps for hosts and cleaners help vacation rental operators schedule, pay, and find cleaners. Features include auto scheduling, auto payment, in-app chat, and easy-to-use tools that simplify and automate recurring property services. Offering 24/7 live customer support and available in six languages, Turno syncs guest calendars from all major booking platforms and 20+ channel managers and property management systems. Turno’s localized Cleaner Marketplaces include 25K+ STR service providers across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and beyond. For more, visit www.turno.com. Source: Turno