It was early 2020 when Aziz “AJ” Jamal, CEO of Elite Cellular Inc. dba Elite Supply Chain Solutions, decided to make his company’s presence felt beyond the reverse logistics industry. He wanted to do more for the community his company calls home. Thus, “Elite Cares” was born. Coincidentally, just a few short weeks after brainstorming the new initiative with other members of the leadership team, the world’s collective suffering at the hands of COVID-19 began. Naturally, this made Elite Cares even more imperative, which just wrapped up its third consecutive holiday season of giving back to the community. AJ went on to say, “Many businesses and individuals do their part for the community by making charitable donations. We want to do more, be more engaging, really care. People are hurting out there and we want to give more than just money. We want to devote our time and effort, too.” Elite Cares - Timeline of Events

February 2020 - Program inception March 2020 - Pandemic lockdown November 2020  Collected one truckload of canned food for the North Texas Food Bank Provided eight full turkey meals to families in need

December 2021 - Collected half of a truckload worth of toys for Children’s Health November 22, 2022 - Senior management volunteered to prepare dinner at The Stewpot, a homeless service in Dallas November 23, 2022 - Elite Cellular staff volunteered to prepare breakfast and lunch at The Stewpot 2023 - Stay tuned! 

About Elite Cellular Inc.: Founded in 2010, Elite Cellular Inc. dba Elite Supply Chain Solutions is a reverse logistics company operating in the electronics industry. Elite Cellular is a premier player in the space and is an integral part of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon’s supply chain for trade-in devices. Elite Cellular processes over one million devices per year in their Irving-based 60,000-square-foot warehouse. Additional locations in Dubai, Hong Kong, Colombia, and the Netherlands allow Elite Cellular to remarket these devices to their customers all around the globe. Elite Cellular is committed to the environment and is an R2-Certified entity within the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) organization. Source: Elite Cellular Inc.