Instawork, the leading platform for connecting businesses with skilled workers, announced today the platform’s availability to hourly workers in the Tampa area looking to earn higher wages as holiday and end-of-year travel are expected to be the highest in years. In Tampa, the average hourly pay rate on the Instawork platform is $16.52 per hour, a vast improvement over the state’s minimum wage of $11 per hour. That steep increase gives Sunshine State residents a way to pay for expensive additions to their household budgets during the holidays.  It also comes as New York Fed researchers recently reported that credit card balances in the third quarter were up $38 billion - the biggest annual increase in more than two decades. Florida residents can remedy this and start paying down their holiday bills by downloading the Instawork app, creating a profile, and finding work opportunities with businesses across the Tampa area. While Florida recently increased the state minimum wage by a dollar as part of its six-year plan to bring the minimum wage to $15 by 2026, flexible workers who join Instawork can achieve an increased level of income without delay. Immediate access to higher pay rates are also crucial with current inflation and a recession looming.  More than 60,000 people in Tampa have already downloaded the Instawork app and are working to staff business locations across the area. Common roles for Instawork in Tampa include general labor, counter staff/cashier, warehouse associate, line cook, and event servers. Local workers can easily create a profile, find a shift that matches their skills and interests, and start working in as little as 24 hours. “I love Instawork and will likely never go back to a full-time job again,” said James Morter, an Instawork Pro and Tampa resident. “It gives me the flexibility I need to take care of my kids and pick and choose when I work. It’s by far the best work platform I’ve tried.” Tampa businesses that rely on Instawork range from nationally-recognized hotels and restaurant groups to some of the area’s favorite local hot spots and sports venues. They have easy access to quality, reliable workers, following Instawork’s announcement that over 1 million people have joined the app in recent months leading up to the holiday season to fill shifts in the first post-Covid holiday season.  “Instawork has been a blessing for us. We would not be able to operate without it. Instawork has completely changed the staffing landscape for the better,” said Steve Andress, President of Florida Statewide Logistics.  Instawork is currently staffing businesses in more than 30 markets across the U.S. and Canada. Those interested in learning more about Instawork should visit or download the app. About InstaworkFounded in 2016, Instawork is the leading flexible work app for local, hourly professionals. Its digital marketplace connects thousands of businesses and more than three million workers, filling a critical role in local economies. Instawork has been featured on CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Associated Press, and more. In 2022, Instawork was ranked in the top 10% of the country’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 and was included in the Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startup list. Instawork was also named the 2022 ACE Award recipient for “Best Innovation,” one of the “Best Business Apps” by Business Insider. Instawork helps businesses in the food & beverage, hospitality, and warehouse/logistics industries fill temporary and permanent job opportunities in more than 30 markets across the U.S. and Canada. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Source: Instawork