Explo is excited to announce the launch of Explo Architect, an embedded dashboard builder that enables self-service analytics for any user. Explo has launched a suite of products to help companies extend self-service analytics capabilities to their customers. The latest of these products is making its debut today: Explo Architect, which will provide organizations with the capabilities to integrate data from multiple sources and create a self-service dashboard builder that can be easily embedded into any customer-facing application. As SaaS companies look to invest in new digital experiences for their customers, providing self-service analytics for their end-user customers continues to be a key investment area and competitive differentiator. Customers using SaaS platforms often require access to real-time data to enable decision-making, measure engagement, and visualize data across multiple reporting use cases. With Explo’s customer-facing analytics suite and Architect, companies are able to easily bring together data from multiple systems, prepare that data for reporting, as well as provide end-users with the ability to design and customize dashboards that can only be viewed by authorized users. The solution empowers engineering teams to make accessing, visualizing, and sharing data easy, while greatly improving customer experience and customer retention rates. Explo Architect has been available to existing customers that use Explo Explore (embedded dashboards), but will now be made generally available to all. Architect comes with developer-friendly tools and templates for integration, design, and embedding. “Explo Architect expands on our promise to provide the most complete customer-facing analytics suite of products that will make it incredibly easy for companies to provide their customers with a secure self-service analytics experience,” said Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. “With Architect any customer end-user can intuitively design and customize a dashboard or report with no-coding experience required.” Explo is the customer-facing analytics solution behind some of the leading brands in the fintech, marketing, education, healthcare, and the broader SaaS space. Organizations interested in getting started can learn more here. About Explo Explo is on a mission to disrupt the data and analytics space by changing the way companies think about sharing data with their customers. To do this, Explo lets you easily connect directly to your database or warehouse, build custom-styled dashboards, and securely embed them into your web app within a day. Hundreds of applications are now using embedded dashboards by Explo. To learn more about Explo, please visit www.explo.co. Source: Explo