This August, private security will be made more accessible to individuals and small businesses across Texas. Secur, a new private security app, will deliver highly trained private protection officers, on demand and in person, to provide protection when it is needed most. Secur will initially launch in 2022 to serve the regions of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, with nationwide expansion plans to follow. Created as a solution for both individuals and small businesses to obtain high-quality private security anytime, anywhere, Secur offers affordable, professional protection in the form of an easy-to-use app. The Secur app allows members to book security officers either on demand or scheduled in advance, whenever extra protection is necessary. Quality of security Secur Officers are highly experienced private protection officers and off-duty police officers who have been trained in private security to deter crime and ensure a protected environment. All officers are highly vetted and have undergone rigorous FBI background checks. The duties of these officers frequently include the protection of dignitaries, politicians and celebrities, and now Secur Members will have access to the same level of security. Security booking options Secur clients can book private security in two ways:

ON DEMAND — Request private security quickly and discreetly from your phone. A professional, trained Secur Officer will come to your location as soon as possible, calling you en route to assess the situation.

PRE-SCHEDULED — With the option of booking an officer in uniform or plainclothes, reserve a trained Secur Officer in advance for all of your security needs.

Affordable, accessible private security for individuals At the touch of a button, anyone can now request a Secur Officer for assistance, whether at home, out late at night, roadside with a flat tire or anywhere they feel vulnerable and need an extra measure of protection. Need a home protected while away on vacation? Need a discreet level of safety for a first online date, child custody exchange or selling a valuable item? Secur offers a range of plans for individuals, including a Family Plan, to implement a level of affordable, high-quality security to individuals that has previously been unavailable to private citizens.  Your small business deserves professional protection  Small business owners are often unable to afford the steep cost of inflexible, full-time security contracts. Secur was designed with the evolving safety needs of small businesses in mind — from staffing a large restaurant event to presence at a retail staff termination to a realtor’s open house — making the process affordable and streamlined. After downloading the app and selecting the Secur for Business Plan, clients receive instant access to private security on demand or pre-scheduled in advance, at any time day or night.  For further information, please visit For press information, please contact SECUR. Live safe, live big. Secur means having private security in your hands, when you need it. Secur delivers accessible and affordable on-demand private security to individuals and small businesses in Texas through a streamlined app — anytime, anywhere. Highly trained and fully vetted professional Secur Officers are available to protect, de-escalate, and provide peace of mind. Download the app at Apple and Google Play. Follow Secur on Instagram @gosecur | Facebook @secur.protectionapp | TikTok Source: Secur