Appy Pie, a pioneer in no-code solutions that break the cost and skill barriers, announced today the open beta of its patent-pending Voice-Driven No-Code Text-to-App Generator. Using AppyPie’s voice-activated Text-to-App Generator, anyone can create a native android or iOS mobile app, regardless of skill, coding knowledge, budget, or time restrictions. “We started Appy Pie with a very singular focus and mission of leveling the playing field by making app creation so easy that anyone can do it, even the least technically inclined,” says Founder and CEO Abhinav Girdhar. “Now, anyone with a great idea has a fighting chance to see it grow and flourish because they can tap into and take advantage of the most advanced tech with just their voice.” Today more than 10 million users have already created apps with Appy Pie’s original no-code App Maker.  Using Appy Pie’s backend technology, which is built on a MEAN stack that includes a patent-pending drag-and-drop interface, the voice-activated No-Code Text-to-App Generator leverages natural language understanding/natural language processing (NLU/NLP) based on Appy Pie’s proprietary AI and ML algorithms. This allows anyone with a smartphone or access to other voice-activated tech like Alexa or Cortana to make an app, customize it, test it, and list it in Google Play and the App Store.  How it Works Creating an app using Appy Pie’s Voice-Driven No-Code Text-to-App Generator is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

A user speaks or texts an idea into the Appy Pie App Generator; Appy Pie’s revolutionary technology interprets and places it into context to generate a fully functional app in minutes. Users can then test and customize the app; every change made at the back end is reflected in real-time on the users’ end. Once satisfied, the app creator can publish to android and iOS stores and even monetize it.

Traditional app development methods are expensive and very time-consuming, taking about four to 12 months to get the app into the production environment. In stark contrast, with Appy Pie’s original no-code App Maker, 8,000 to 10,000 apps are built daily. Appy Pie plans to keep the app in open beta through the end of the year to continue improving and refining it as users introduce new use cases. “We believe that no-code is the future of programming, democratizing technology so that anyone can bring their dream tech project to reality,” says Girdhar.  To access the open beta of the Appy Pie Voice-Driven No-Code Text-to-App, follow this link: About Appy Pie   Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is an unrivaled leader in no-code mobile app creation that allows anyone to transform their app ideas into reality, without any technical knowledge. Using Appy Pie’s No-Code Text-to-App, with either voice or text, users simply drag and drop the features to create an advanced Android or iOS application for mobiles and smartphones, as easy as pie. Appy Pie’s App Maker has been recognized as one of the highest-rated app builders globally (G2), for its unique features, ease-of-use and affordability, and is considered one of the most comprehensive no-code application development software for businesses of all sizes (Capterra). Appy Pie is also the fastest growing cloud-based DIY Mobile App Builder in the world (GetApp). More info: Media Contact: Pam Abrahamsson PRA Public Relations +1.503.298.9749 Source: Appy Pie