RealityBLU, creator of the WorldViewAR augmented reality (AR) creation platform, is launching its Holotwin Builder, a customer-facing solution that allows even non-technical users to create AR experiences in minutes. RealityBLU expects the WorldViewAR Holotwin Builder to be live by the end of January 2022.  Holotwins are “holographic twins” of people or characters that can be placed into viewers’ real-world environments through their mobile phones. Once anchored to any flat surface, holotwins can be pinched and zoomed by the viewer to appear the desired size. Holotwins then appear to be standing in the user’s home or office, speaking to them directly.  Holotwins are powerful marketing tools since they create a level of engagement far higher than traditional 2D experiences such as video. In fact, Harvard Business Review has found in-person conversations to be 34x more likely to convert than email, making these “nearly in-person” scenes ideal for generating ROI.  Holotwins created through RealityBLU’s WorldViewAR Holotwin Builder are browser-based, so unlike traditional AR scenes, they do not require an app to view. People simply scan a QR Code or click a link and enable camera permissions. Buttons can be added to holotwins to allow viewers to respond to the call to action immediately, at the very moment they are most emotionally engaged with the experience.  To create these AR scenes, users need only a mobile phone or video camera and a green screen. Once they shoot the video, they upload it to their WorldViewAR account and follow a few simple prompts. Once the user hits “submit,” WorldViewAR delivers a QR Code or link leading to the holotwin within seconds. Users can add these codes or links to their print, email, social media, and other marketing communications.  “With WorldViewAR’s Holowin Builder, if you have a mobile phone you can create AR experiences,” notes MJ Anderson, chief experience officer for RealityBLU. “Once the video is shot, our platform takes care of the rest. Shoot, upload, and download a QR Code or link. It is that easy.”  RealityBLU’s team is marketers developing for marketers to drive direct sales. WorldViewAR workflow offers customers access to tracking and metrics to aid in building powerful, ROI-driving marketing campaigns. Over time, RealityBLU plans to incorporate their other standalone products into the WorldViewAR platform as well.  About RealityBLU RealityBLU’s web-based platform enables non-technical marketers and designers to create and publish augmented reality (AR) scenes that put People, Places, and Things into the Metaverse. RealityBLU eliminates the technical barriers to implementing and measuring AR content scenes by providing marketers with an intuitive interface and workflow that allow them to attract and delight more customers. RealityBLU has acquired 1,000+ users and has attracted household name brands across many vertical markets.  CONTACT: MJ Anderson Chief Experience Officer RealityBLU 635 3rd St., Beloit, WI, 53511 815 262-7279 Source: RealityBLU