Otto Case brand provides its customers the most eco-friendly products compared to its competitors. Otto Case has produced several unique and creative wooden cell phone cases, wooden watches, wooden blocks, digital alarm clock with Bluetooth-cum-wireless charger, and many more. And, now it appeared with a new engaging product on Kickstarter, hoping to get a good community response for its funding.  Otto Cases’ OTTO Mag-PowerX Wireless Charger Power Bank is the world’s slimmest and lightweight electronic device with a downright cooling processor. It is especially a magnetically attached wireless power transfer charging device that is significantly designed for Apple devices. The OttoMag-PowerX wireless charger is a complete eco-friendly 5000mAh power bank with a kickstand. It relieves the customers from getting stuck to their usual tangled mobile phone charger cords more often. So, both Otto Case and its customers are equally satisfied with the wireless charger’s effectiveness in their daily lives. This brilliantly designed 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging station is 100% compatible with all types of iOS devices. The user is allowed to charge multiple devices using this advanced technology wireless power bank at the same time. Power banks are often incapable of charging your device properly. Most of the time when the power bank’s wire disconnects from the power source, the power bank’s battery loses its capacity. This process of interrupting charging can affect the longevity of your phone battery. The OttoMag-PowerX wireless power bank has an amazing capability of charging any device instantly with optimal accuracy. Or, better to note that it has the capacity to do its job at a single attempt without any interruption. Usually, any general power bank’s outer shell is made of non-biodegradable synthetic materials. But Otto Case uses durable woods as raw materials which include cherry, bamboo, rosewood and walnut woods, etc for making this exclusive OttoMag wireless power bank. The best part of this super-slim and lightweight power bank is that you carry it even in your pocket or wherever you want. Since 2017, Otto Case is known as the leading wood phone case and mobile phone accessories manufacturing company. The prior specialty of the certain manufacturing company is, they especially emphasize using natural friendly raw materials for products. They offer their customers the customization facility upon any of their products. As a giant mobile phone accessory and other wooden gift item manufacturing company, Otto Case has garnered huge recognition in the online-cum-offline, wholesale and retail marketplaces. For inquiries, email Source: Otto Case