Today, TECNO Mobile has launched PHANTOM, a bold sub-brand in TECNO’s latest chapter of extraordinary innovation. Produced by premium technology brand TECNO Mobile, a series of impactful films have been released to celebrate the launch of Phantom and its flagship handset, PHANTOM X, to highlight the extraordinary creativity achieved through bold technology. TECNO Mobile has released three films to celebrate the launch of PHANTOM, taking you on a journey into the bold and extraordinary nature of PHANTOM brand. Using a variety of TECNO spokespeople and creative talents, each cinematic film brings to life PHANTOM’s bold and extraordinary values in stunning new ways.

PHANTOM BRAND FILM With creativity and excellence at its core, PHANTOM has worked with three artistic creators to spotlight PHANTOM’s brand spirit of rejecting the ordinary in everyday life, these include Eoin Dillon, founder of fashion label Reuben Avenue, plus artist Alexander James and model/designer Lucy Evans.

PHANTOM X PRODUCT FILM A second film has also been released, focusing on the key product USPs in stunning detail.

PHANTOM EXECUTIVE SPEECH TECNO’s General Manager Stephen HA summarises PHANTOM’s mission and values in a third film, an engaging executive speech shot amidst a stunning visual landscape.

This is TECNO’s latest chapter of extraordinary innovation. TECNO strives for discovery, progression, and excellence throughout product experience. And TECNO is determined to ensure this shines through in every single user to help them push limits, stop at nothing, and experience an extraordinary and unforgettable journey in their own lives. TECNO’s goal is to become the most admired tech brand in the world, and continually breakthrough in product and experience innovations. That’s why TECNO has launched PHANTOM X, the flagship handset from TECNO’s sub-brand PHANTOM, which is designed for creators, innovators, and pioneers - born for those who reject the ordinary. Stephen Ha, General Manager at TECNO, said: “Stopping at nothing to push the boundaries of mobile phone design is in our DNA; it’s in everything we do, it is fundamental. “PHANTOM is a way of life for the modern, exceptional individual. We never do ordinary. We want to be bold, to explore the unknown, to leave a unique mark on our world. “PHANTOM X is best-in-class, featuring exceptional design and an infinite camera experience - we can’t wait to show you what it can do. So go on - be bold, be extraordinary, be PHANTOM.” Working alongside creative innovators Eoin Dillon (founder of Reuben Avenue), artist Alexander James and model/designer Lucy Evans, PHANTOM’s brand film celebrates the people who embody PHANTOM and bring its fearless, bold and extraordinary spirit to life. Eoin Dillon, founder of luxury loungewear brand Reuben Avenue, embodies this spirit. He said: “I strive to be a pioneer. The fashion world is a daring and an unexpected place - it’s very competitive. So, you’ve got to be bold to succeed. I enjoy the intensity and being brave about what to do. I’m relentless to create a brand that really embraces the future. As a consumer, you’ve also got to be brave to buy something that you know will make you feel amazing.” Of the PHANTOM X, he said: “The PHANTOM X is a phone that allows me to create but also to stay in touch with people. The images and videos are incredible, so I’ll take pictures and upload them, and then I can get an idea of colours, tones, shadows, shapes, silhouettes, and because of the usability, I can create them and change them over and over.” All three films are available via TECNO Mobile’s YouTube channel, viewed here: To find out more about TECNO Mobile and its brand new PHANTOM X handset, please visit: Media Contact Information Rina Wang PR Manager Source: TECNO Mobile