Today more ransomware is targeting small and medium-sized businesses and hospitals without having enough resources and IT manpower. Backup is the only solution, but even that is not well-kept. It’s not easy to periodically back up, disconnect the network or remove the USB drive every time. People just want to save their data in storage and make it secure while they use it. But existing storage doesn’t have any protection mechanism inside, so all data is locked if ransomware runs on their PC. One of the network storage companies, FilingCloud(, solved this problem by adding an application detection module inside network storage. This special network storage, named FilingBox, provides a network drive to PCs, but it has an application detection module inside and decides whether to provide a file with read-only or read-write. After examining the application requesting data, it provides a file with read-only to the PC If it is not a preregistered application. In case, data can not be modified or encrypted on the PC because it works like data being on the CD-ROM. On the other hand, It provides a file with read-write to the PC If preregistered application requests data. It does not ask to change existing applications at all because this storage is recognized as a network drive. John Woo, the head of research center, said “The idea of adding the application detection module inside the network storage has made ransomware fundamentally preventable. We hope that it will be of great help in preventing ransomware in small and medium-sized businesses and hospitals.” Recognized for user convenience and data safety, this technology is registered as patent technology in over 5 countries including the U.S. and the EU, and is used for over 200 companies already including Califonia. Source: FilingBox