Earlier this year, iodyne launched Pro Data: the first Thunderbolt RAID device that combines twelve NVMe SSDs and eight Thunderbolt ports in an elegant, low-profile form factor. Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage for Macs, and is now in use by creative professionals across the globe. Now, iodyne has tested the performance of multiple Pro Data devices with Apple’s most advanced Mac: the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra. The result is world-record performance for Mac storage on Apple Silicon, showing how these two devices are becoming fast friends in new Pro workflows. Fast Friends iodyne conducted performance tests with a setup consisting of an M1 Ultra Mac Studio and three 24TB Pro Data devices, and achieved record-breaking 10GB/s reads, and 6GB/s writes for a single Apple Filesystem on Apple Silicon. iodyne then maxed out the Mac Studio’s M1 Ultra to playback 18 streams of 8K30p Apple ProRes 422 video from Pro Data storage, while simultaneously playing back another nine streams with an M1 Pro MacBook Pro from the same storage. Pro Data allows creative professionals to build innovative new workflows that take full advantage of Apple Silicon. Customers can see the setup and our results in our video and corresponding article at [https://iodyne.com/friends]. And in real-world application benchmarking using PugetBench, using only a single Pro Data, results show equivalent performance to the Mac Studio’s built-in SSD, while delivering 3x the storage capacity, in both RAID-0 and RAID-6 configurations. Mac Studio provides the ultimate performance for Mac users on Apple Silicon. Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt NVMe storage available, and delivers groundbreaking Thunderbolt NVMe Multipathing, daisy-chain capacity expansion up to 432TB, RAID-6 data protection, hardware-accelerated encryption, and the flexibility to connect up to four computers at the same time for collaboration using Storage Handoff. Together Mac Studio and Pro Data provide world-record performance for APFS on Apple Silicon, and are the building blocks of the ultimate setup for any project or workflow that demands extreme performance and capacity. Reviews Since its launch in early 2022, Pro Data has been positively reviewed by video, audio, and photo professionals and journalists: “The editing ‘feel’ on every job I did with the iodyne Pro Data was buttery smooth and that’s the best compliment I can make about any video editing media storage.” -Scott Simmons, Pro Video Coalition “If you or your business need blisteringly fast, compact, external storage that doesn’t slow down as you crush it with a big transfer, this is the way to do it.” “4.5 out of 5 Stars” -AppleInsider “Nothing else comes close to this level of performance” -StorageReview “iodyne’s Apple-esque design aesthetic makes for a pretty, fast drive” -Blocks and Files “An incredible piece of technology.” -Build or Buy Sales Pro Data is available in 12TB and 24TB capacities at iodyne.com. iodyne has also enabled select partners worldwide for weekly rentals of Pro Data storage for DIT use on-set for film, video and commercial shoots. Since its launch in early 2022, iodyne has enabled Pro Data sales for 21 countries, and has devices active across the world — including in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Romania, and the United Kingdom.  About Pro Data Pro users such as video, photo and audio creators and software developers need a combination of ultra-fast, reliable local storage and cloud services for their most complex projects. And for the past decade, Pros have been forced to choose between small but fast internal or external SSDs, or big, slow and bulky hard-disk RAID arrays. Complex projects often require both types of storage combined in a single configuration, along with cloud services and backups. Pro Data is the first all-NVMe all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID device that combines twelve NVMe SSDs and eight Thunderbolt ports in a single elegant form factor. Pro Data allows Pros to get their work done faster, rethink workflows and setups, and simplify how they protect their most important assets. About iodyne iodyne founders Mike Shapiro and Jeff Bonwick have spent the last 20 years designing industry-leading enterprise storage, including the revolutionary ZFS filesystem, NVMe Fabrics protocol, the first-ever hybrid disk/SSD and pooled NVMe storage, and groundbreaking 100GB/s DSSD storage. iodyne is committed to delivering professional users and workgroups the absolute best technology and tools to retain and secure their most important creative assets, starting with the fastest Thunderbolt RAID storage available in Pro Data. For More Information Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs, and the fastest Thunderbolt RAID array. Use it to redesign your next setup, or supercharge your existing one. Mac support is available now, and Linux and Windows Beta programs are available. For more information, visit https://iodyne.com or email media@iodyne.com for press inquiries. Source: iodyne