Epomaker announces the TH96 keyboard, which brings top configurations and an extensive range of features at an affordable price. Thanks to the special structural design, the TH96 delivers a completely solid feel due to the stainless steel plate which adds weight and strength to the keyboard. It is innovatively designed featuring the silicone gasket mount structure, added sound-absorbing foam, Poron foam utilization, and a thick silicone damping bottom pad which all provide a responsive typing sound. Full of Versatilities On top of the solid design, the TH96 is versatile to boost productivity by featuring a scroll knob on the top right corner. From changing the volume to scrolling through panels, this CNC-machined metal knob is born to enhance creative workflow.  Offering Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity on top of wired connectivities, the TH96 Tri-Connectivities version allows users to connect up to 3 simultaneous devices and seamlessly switch between, say, a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It’s also compatible with both Windows and macOS layouts. To better feed different preferences, the Tri-Connectivities version can be remapped using the provided proprietary software to change the layout. While every mechanical keyboard delivers different sounds and feels due to various switches, the TH96 features hot-swappable and south-facing LEDs, thus allowing users to easily change the switches and keycaps without worrying about interference. Program with QMK/VIA A long-requested feature from Epomaker’s community members is realized today. The TH96 also offers a QMK/VIA wired version to keyboard professionals who are fond of customizing keyboards. QMK/VIA are open source resources published on GitHub which allow users to program individual layers, create macros, and remap each key on the keyboard. Equipped with this, the Epomaker TH96 delivers endless possibilities for layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and much more.    Epomaker Customized Switches The latest Epomaker customized switches - Flamingo Linear switch and Budgerigar Tactile switch - are also the team’s proud announcement along with TH96 today. With a total travel distance of 38 mm, the Flamingo features dual extended springs which exhibit an impressive rebound force for faster typing. True to its name, every Flamingo switch comes with pink and purple housing, and has an initial force of 45 grams so each press recalls the smooth feeling of gliding under the wind. On the other hand, the Budgerigar delivers the next iteration of tactile typing, optimized for an authentic feel with unrivaled consistency. Rated for 100 million presses, it provides a welcome tactile threshold without any wobbling.  Pricing and Availability Epomaker TH96 is released at 11:00 a.m. on 16th June (ET) on Kickstarter. The super early bird price starts at $119 on a first-come-first-serve service. The TH96 is available in different versions and color schemes. For more details, please visit the Epomaker TH96 Kickstarter Campaign. Contact Us agnes@epomaker.com Source: Epomaker Inc