Alces Flight, leader in building and transforming HPC clusters into cloud and cloud-enabled environments, today announced the acquisition of Concertim, a data-centre management appliance designed to gain deep insight into the operational and energy efficiency of HPC hardware.   “Our clients need sustainable HPC solutions,” said Wil Mayers of Alces Flight, “Because HPC services are now being built across multiple platforms and are often not housed in the same locations as the teams who oversee them, there is increasing demand for gathering accurate data in order to minimise costs and environmental impact. The current trend of rising CPU energy usage and increased rack density means that timely data-centre reporting is becoming critical to overall system performance in parallel computing. This is why we have acquired Concertim, who for over 10 years have focused on developing the measurement and reporting tools necessary to examine and improve on the operational efficiency of HPC hardware.” The Concertim appliance concentrates on generating and assembling metrics that focus on overall HPC hardware health with the capability to tease out potential areas of improvement - whether in the operational performance itself or in the potential to save energy. With the drive to improve on the overall green performance of HPC systems globally and the continued diversification of HPC hardware and solutions, the addition of Concertim will allow Alces Flight clients and partners the ability to build more durable solutions with a reduced carbon footprint. “Our clients are very focused on building up services that not only meet the needs of today’s research and project aims, but they are also keenly aware of the long-term impact HPC has on our climate.” said Dan Shaw, Operations Team Lead at Alces, “For us, this acquisition means that we can continue to build on our desire to create transformational HPC solutions that get the most out of the platform or platforms our clients choose to operate on.” The acquisition of Concertim completed in May 2022 with a demonstration of new capabilities at the ISC’22 conference in Hamburg, Germany.  For more details, please contact Cristin Merritt at or visit the Alces Flight website: Source: Alces Flight Limited