OnPrintShop, an industry-stirring name in the field of web-to-print solutions has recently named acclaimed print software and SaaS specialist, and Former CEO of Aleyant, Trent Foreman as the Regional Sales Manager for the North America region. He will oversee OnPrintShop operations in the U.S. under the leadership of VP, Naresh Bordia. Trent will resume his position in person during the Print United Expo to be held in Las Vegas from Oct. 19-22, 2022, booth #N1607, where OnPrintShop will be exhibiting its unparalleled capabilities in the form of web-to-print software solutions and will also showcase its product enhancement innovations. Trent’s presence during the event is expected to foster a wider scope of engagement, along with dissolving existing time zone barriers with OnPrintShop’s U.S.-based clients. He is supposed to lead breakthrough changes in sales and corporate operations and for in-person support for OnPrintShop clients in the region.  Trent has a niche knowledge about the core needs of the print service providers by leveraging ‘right’ technology tools. Known for his ‘can-do’ attitude, Trent is an advocate for leveraging technology tools for workflow automation and efficiency in production.   OnPrintShop, an industry-leading venture from the house of Radixweb, a global name in the field of custom software development, has proven to be a revolutionary name in the world of web-to-print storefronts - leading cost-effective and simplified print order management processes with bespoke capabilities.   Mr. Naresh Bordia, VP, OnPrintShip, mentioned, “We have already set the print industry ablaze with the majestic capabilities that OnPrintShop offers. With Trent on our boat, we expect curating strategic partnerships and flawless customer journeys to our North America-based customers. We aim at dissolving the cultural barriers and want to extend seamless in-person support to our clients.” He added, “Trent is a dynamic guy who believes exponentially in leveraging the power of collaboration and deserves to be the face of our expertise. The leading businesses of today are looking at disruptive ways to minimize operational silos and engage better with customers. And Trent has a proven track record of building relationships and designing meaningful customer journeys. With Trent, ours is going to be a very mutually beneficial relationship, that will result in greater good for our venture.”  Launched in 2000, OnPrintShop is one of the most sought-after names in web-to-print services and is a one-stop solution for global print service providers. Having both - a custom licensed version and a hosted SaaS version, OnPrintShop is not just a solution for managing print order cycles but also provides custom web-to-print capabilities and web-to-print SaaS solutions. Press Contact- biz@onprintshop.com Source: OnPrintShop