Guizhou is a land of artistic treasures, with well-protected ecology and natural landscapes as well as distinctive and diverse cultures and traditions that have brought forth gorgeous traditional attire. The patterns on the costumes record cultural history, symbology, and legends, serving as precious wordless history books. To let more people know about China’s Guizhou Province, the People’s Daily Online West USA Inc specially launched the “Magic Guizhou” series.Everyone from the ethnic minority groups in Guizhou is a fashion designer through their creations of a variety of dazzling graphics and head-turning looks.In Guizhou, the Buyi people live close to the water. Ninety-seven percent of the Buyi population in China live in Guizhou. The sixth day of the sixth lunar month every year is their most important festival. In order to welcome this important festival, the Buyi people use a unique technique to create dazzling outfits for themselves.Artisans dip a bronze knife in melted wax and draw a pattern on the fabric. After the fabric is submerged in a jar filled with indigo dye, beautiful ice-like patterns reveal themselves on the surface. The wax-dyed fabric is used to make sophisticated garments worn by Buyi girls. Wax-dyed skirts that fly in the wind become a most enchanting sight to behold at the festive celebration.Many luxury brand designers have traveled to Guizhou to be inspired by the diverse ethnic fashion:  Qipao with raised shoulders inspired by the Dong-style; Batik elements have also won the favor of international designers; in 2020, Dior’s early spring collection was feminist and multicultural, utilizing batik cloth to symbolize the interweaving of cultures; Hermes silk scarves have patterns from silver ornaments in Guizhou; the Miao and Dong villages in Guizhou; the Dior silver necklace draws on the style of silver jewelry worn by Miao women.With its rich ethnic culture, Guizhou has become a source of inspiration for designers and a place where tradition and creativity are intertwined. CONTACT:Amy ZhouPhone: 919.564.8043Email: Source: People’s Daily Online West Inc.