Rokoko has announced the launch of the Smartsuit Pro II, the next generation of the widely popular Smartsuit Pro – a motion capture suit for independent creators. The mocap suit enables anyone to animate characters in real-time, at studio-quality, via a simple wifi connection to their computer running our free Rokoko Studio software. Creators can record, clean and edit the data in seconds, and stream it live into dozens of tools including Unreal, Unity, Blender, Maya, and iClone for instantaneous feedback. Pre-order opens today for January 2022 delivery, retailing at $2745.  “We’ve spoken with thousands of our users to identify what matters most and I’m confident that Smartsuit Pro II is improved on the points that add the most value for them and take their motion capture to the next level,” says Jakob Balslev, CEO and Founder of Rokoko. “Reducing drift, allowing for more high impact tracking, and unlocking multi-level tracking might not mean a lot to the outside world, but will mean the world to our users.” Re-engineered for Richer Animations Setting up the Smartsuit Pro II is effortless and the suit can be used anywhere. As the next generation of the Smartsuit Pro, the Smartsuit Pro II features impressive performance upgrades to enhance characters with richer movement, while speeding up the entire animation workflow.  Key performance upgrades include:

Ready for Elevation Tracking, so you can track elevation movement on stairs, ladders, and along the y-axis.

Optimized for high impact use so punching, fighting, and falling doesn’t compromise data quality. 

Better locomotion accuracy over time, catering for a significant reduction in drift, meaning more reliable and longer streaming times.

Native integration into the Rokoko Smartgloves, so only one portable USB-C battery is required to power your entire motion capture system. 

Pricing & Availability The Smartsuit Pro II is available worldwide on Rokoko ( for $2745 or €2745. Our Full Performance Capture Bundle will remain the same price at $3995 or €3995. Rokoko Studio is available for free download from for both Mac and Windows. All products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  About Rokoko: Since the Kickstarter launch in 2015, Rokoko has grown to 30,000 users, with a mission to equip every creator with the power of animation and in turn, drive the creator economy forward. Designed for indies and loved by studios, Rokoko has released an ecosystem of proprietary hardware products that integrates seamlessly into Rokoko Studio – easy-to-use software to record, clean, edit, and stream animation. News Contact For more information, please contact  Source: Rokoko