Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation, New Mexico State University’s Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship at Arrowhead, and WebXR technology provider, Geenee AR, have announced the launch of Unicorn Academy, the first-ever augmented reality (AR) education program focused on advancing youth entrepreneurship.  Unicorn Academy is geared toward students grades 8-12 who are curious about entrepreneurship and want to develop the fundamental skills needed to launch their own businesses. Accessible from any connected device, the course is led by a virtual teacher who guides students on the impact of starting a business utilizing augmented reality.  View or download Unicorn Academy textbook HERE Launched from a physical workbook, Unicorn Academy includes supplemental AR coursework that immerses students in design thinking and business model canvases from leading brands such as Tesla, Nike, Instagram, and TikTok. Throughout the program, students will learn to create human-centered solutions in AR through a variety of assignments, and ultimately have the opportunity to develop their own AR-based businesses and accompanying marketing content.  “We are excited about offering cutting-edge technology by Geenee AR to help us push innovation when building future educational experiences. With the commercial release of smart glasses on the horizon, how we consume information and learn will dramatically change. A phygital textbook is one clear way to impact the future,” says Joseph Sapien, STTE Executive Director. “Preparing the next generation of innovators to launch startups begins with shifting mindsets. NMSU is excited about the opportunity to support the development of a super scalable platform that aims to increase the pipeline of students pursuing entrepreneurship,” says Kathy Hansen, Director, and CEO of NMSU Arrowhead Center. There are several key advantages to Unicorn Academy’s book experience. First, personal information protection is essential in the K12 education sector. Therefore, readers need not provide any information to access the education experience. Additionally, the book has no walled gardens and is a fully “web-based interface,” which provides a frictionless user experience, eliminating the barrier to downloading an app to experience learning. Lastly, statistics confirm students remember 90% of the material if it is learned through experience. Thus, readers are introduced to a hologram teacher with the option to select English and Spanish. Geenee AR CEO Cory Grenier states, “The 3D Internet is at a multi-generational inflection point, a paradigm shift to immersive 3D digital identity and self-expression. The most valuable technology firms in existence are all developing AR-enabled eyewear, a form factor that will transform how we interact and transact online. AR software is fundamentally based on a foundation of artificial intelligence, machine learning and 3D graphics. These cutting-edge fields, distilled into a powerful AR creator tool, logically align with the STTE’s mission to apply STEAM education to advance and accelerate the next generation to build the enterprises of the future.” For more information, please visit Source: STTE Foundation