VR and AR expert solutions provider MACE Virtual Labs recently announced its partnership with startup IOPEX LLC, Touro University California, and metaverse builder Shiny Box Interactive. This powerful partnership creates an integrated hardware and software platform, Full-Dive VR Units (FDVU), enabling organizations to create fully immersive, large-scale, distributed VR experiences for running experiments and simulations.  MACE provides the integrated hardware platform, pulling together haptics, omni-directional treadmills, and retina scale visuals from MACE’s industry-leading product partners such as HaptX, Teslasuit, Varjo, Ultraleap, and Virtuix. Shiny Box Interactive has created an engaging cloud-powered metaverse operating environment that leverages the capabilities of the integrated hardware platform, cloud computing, and analytics. IOPEX and Touro University CA bring decades of experience in building experimentation and simulation programs for civilian and military first-responders. This new partnership will bring a comprehensive turnkey solution to fully immersive VR hardware and the virtual environments needed to support large-scale distributed experimentation and simulation.  ”This is a very exciting partnership for the industry as a whole,” said James Dear, founder and President of IOPEX LLC. “MACE is an incredibly forward-thinking company with key product partnerships, and our IOPEX clients will benefit greatly from their ability to develop and provide integrated VR solutions for multiple scenarios.”  “This groundbreaking simulation training and evaluation platform will fundamentally change the way both civilian and military medical providers approach disaster medicine, team training, and medical education for the future,” said Dr. Nevins, Touro University CA’s project lead who brings 25 years of experience in medical and simulation education, along with 22 years serving in the military. “We have an amazing collaborative team, and we are fortunate to have MACE leading the technical effort.” “We are extremely excited to bring together this group of capabilities that will fill a gap in the VR industry, bringing the vision of Ready Player One closer to reality,” said Edgar Acosta, Managing Partner at MACE. “As a studio, we are constantly seeking new challenges in emerging technology, and this partnership with IOPEX LLC, Touro University CA, and MACE provides exactly that. The chance to provide a connected immersive experience using some of the newest hardware in our industry is exciting, and we couldn’t ask for better partners,” said Todd Daniel, Managing Partner, Shiny Box Interactive. Acosta expressed how seamless this partnership with this group has been thus far as they are so closely aligned in their approach. He is looking forward to what they will accomplish together in the future.  This collaboration will demonstrate its first proof of concept in November of 2022 through a series of technical and operational tests on the campus of Houston Community College. To learn more, visit http://macevl.com/iopex.   About Shiny Box Interactive Shiny Box Interactive creates industry-leading XR (AR, VR, and Mixed Reality) solutions, leveraging more than a decade of AAA game development experience. Partnering with industry-leading companies to create Immersive XR Training platforms has placed its team at the forefront of enterprise technology adoption and integration. To view some of the company’s work and learn more, visit https://www.shinyboxinteractive.com. About IOPEX LLC IOPEX LLC produces and manages Immersive Operational Experiments (IOPEXs)™. IOPEXs create for clients and operators an environment for experiencing and resolving crises in an alternate virtual reality … to anticipate and prevent or limit their occurrence in the real world. IOPEX LLC will employ the Azure cloud to conduct distributed IOPEXs while using FDVUs to enhance the participant experience. Visit https://iopexllc.net for more information. About Touro University California About the Touro College and University System: Touro University California is a Jewish nonprofit, independent graduate institution of higher learning founded in 1997 on three Judaic values: social justice, the pursuit of knowledge, and service to humanity. The University, home to 1,400 students, has professional programs in osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, public health, nursing, and education. Faculty, staff, and students have a powerful commitment to academic excellence, evidence-based professional practice, inter-professional collaboration, and active engagement with a global community. To learn more, visit www.tu.edu or call 707-638-5200. About MACE Virtual Labs MACE Virtual Labs is a team of authoritative VR and AR experts that curate the breadth and depth of immersive technology to provide turnkey commercial solutions for customers in training, government, research, medical, and entertainment. MACE sells individual products and complete solution packages. It is the one-stop shop for commercial VR and AR solutions, from trial programs all the way up to scalable enterprise solutions. To learn more about MACE, visit https://www.macevl.com/. Source: MACE Virtual Labs