Perusall, a social e-learning platform, will host its annual community event from May 16 to May 27. The conference–called Perusall Exchange℠–offers over 70 sessions across various educational disciplines. This year’s theme is Social Learning and includes a track on Peer Instruction 30 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the development of Peer Instruction by Eric Mazur, co-founder of Perusall. The conference, held entirely within the Perusall platform, promotes a collaborative environment encouraging attendees to engage with presenters and each other through social annotation. Live keynote speakers and panel discussions are dispersed throughout the two-week event.  Last year, over 2,000 educators attended the Exchange. Registration numbers are climbing for the 2022 event with the addition of five keynote sessions by renowned educators, including Ken Bain, Angela Duckworth, Alan November, Mamokgethi Phakeng, and Nobel Prize recipient Carl Wieman. Registration and attendance are free. “The inaugural Perusall Exchange℠ held last year drew over two thousand attendees,” said Dr. Eric Mazur, co-founder of Perusall and Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University. “Attendees loved the flexibility in choosing which sessions to attend and when to attend them and the social interactions with presenters and other attendees facilitated by the Perusall platform. This year’s Perusall Exchange℠ theme is Social Learning. I am particularly pleased that part of the conference will be devoted to celebrating 30 years of Peer Instruction.” The conference, which mirrors the student experience within the platform, consists of pre-recorded videos, posters, podcasts, and papers that attendees can discuss with each other either in real-time or at their convenience. The hybrid format captures the best of virtual and in-person conferences, allowing participants to engage in discussion with other attendees but to do so whenever it suits their schedule. “Perusall naturally aligns with some of the best practices in the scholarship of teaching and learning, including transparent design, teaching critical reading strategies, emphasizing content over grades, and facilitating relationship-rich learning environments,” said Dr. Travis Martin, Administrator for First-Year Courses at Eastern Kentucky University and Perusall Exchange™ presenter. “I piloted Perusall in my courses, championed its use in hundreds more, and am always looking for ways to innovate. This conference allows me to share what I have learned with like-minded educators while gaining new perspectives and techniques to improve my pedagogy.” Join the Perusall Exchange℠ at its website.  Perusall, a leader in educational technology, offers a free multimedia social learning platform that motivates students with a social learning experience to increase engagement, drive collaboration, and build community. Perusall, founded in 2015, has served 2 million students at 4,000 educational institutions in 90 countries. For inquiries, contact Kate Stewart, Marketing Director, at   Source: Perusall