Childcare care management software company Child Care Seer launches a free version of its software program, Child Care Seer®. This program simplifies everyday tasks for Center Directors and business owners by automating child care services such as scheduling, enrollments, and payments. The company’s website includes a free demo of the software with former preschool teacher-turned-partner Kandi Welsh showing how to navigate the software. Presenting itself as the software platform that automates everything related to child care (except your love of children), Child Care Seer is built for daycare business owners, Learning Center Directors, and Early Education teachers to simplify tasks with children and their families.  “It’s easy to plan when it’s all in one place,” writes the company on one Facebook post. “Your teachers and staff can house all of their daily activities and times within the platform.” This convenience is something that the company deems as crucial in light of many businesses that had to shutdown services during the pandemic. “Even though 2020 is over,” the company continues, “some parents are still working from home and needing child care during the day.”  Center Directors and business owners are quickly able to view the school and see the most critical details of their business performance in real time. This is because of the software’s ability to:

Provide a live status so users can check the most up-to-date business status such as who’s in or who’s expected; Give users access to easily view, change, or schedule new classes to keep the capacity right-sized for your business goals; Schedule staff based on specific needs; Manage booking requests; Track financial flow such as customer payments; and Create reports for any part of your business.

The company reiterates that the platform is built for flexibility, so users are encouraged to utilize features that best fit their child care center needs to maximize profit per student and, most importantly, allow users to spend more time with their students.  If you’re searching for a child care center solution, the all-in-one Seer platform might be the solution for you. To see if Seer is right for your center, simply head over to and click “Get Started Now”. For more information, contact us at Source: Child Care Seer