MSM Corporation International Limited (“MSM” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise it has contributed A$1M via a Convertible Note issue in Weyo, a company which has developed a unique AR early learning platform, offering kids active-play experiences to establish essential foundational skills and forge a growth mindset. Weyo was founded by Baz Palmer, a multi-platinum musician and songwriter with Hunters & Collectors and Stuart Berwick, one of a small team responsible for creating superstar band, the Gorillaz’ world-first AR app. Weyo means “All that is good in the world. A blast of positive energy.” Weyo’s go-to-market strategy is focused on a phonics based learn to read platform, which brings kids onto the screen and into the action, to become their favourite characters, in their favourite stories and learning adventures, guided by on-screen storytellers and educators.  Weyo has partnered with global kids’ brands, previously launching apps in partnership with Sesame Street and the Wiggles and was recently awarded a $150,000 grant from Amazon Australia to fund the development of a ‘Kindle-compatible’ version of their technology, which is targeted to be launched in Q322.  Weyo are also in advanced discussions with global gaming brands on licencing agreements. For further information on Weyo, visit or MSMCI Managing Director and CEO, Paul Roy commented: “We are delighted with our investment in Weyo, which is a forward-looking and innovative company. Their digital and AR platform fits perfectly into our overall gaming and IP strategy as we head towards global domination in the esports, gaming, lifestyle and entertainment ecosystem. We have confidence in their go-to-market strategy and we look forward to their upcoming developments and strong partnerships as they scale globally with their cutting-edge technology.” For further information contact:  Media enquires: Allan Phang P: +60 123 062 568 Investor enquiries: Chris Jones P: + 61 (0) 417 985 527                                          ABOUT MSMCI MSM Corporation International Limited (“MSMCI”) is an online entertainment company that specialises in building and launching new digital entertainment products. MSM’s vision is to create a global digital media entertainment, esports and gaming business. MSM’s first product to delivery was the Megastar App, a global, mobile-first talent competition, featuring performers of any category, who competed to win one Million US Dollars. MSM has now acquired Riva Technology and Entertainment Limited (“RTE”) which is well positioned to take advantage of the significant growth experienced across the global gaming industry as Gen C’s behaviour has shaped the creator economy encompassing content creation, distribution and consumption.  Within a short period of time, RTE has been able to capture gaming and fan engagement’s industry key functions, from game concepts, development, monetisation, esports, distribution and analytics, through the investment in several complementary esports and gaming businesses. RTE Business Lines are as follows;+ IP Sublicensing+ Distribution Rights+ Esports and Content Platform+ Complementary Companies in Gaming/Esports Forward-Looking Statements  This release has been prepared by the Company. This document contains background information about the Company and its associated entities current at the date of this release. 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