69% of organizations are predicting their cybersecurity budgets will increase in 2022, with more than 25%  expecting double-digit growth, all to address the security issues that have arisen from rapid cloud migration, remote work and the growing threats of cyberattacks. According to PWC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey, industries are moving towards adopting strategies such as cloud security, endpoint protection, and Zero Trust to better protect their networks. However, a significant majority are still in the early stages of planning and implementation. In response to this data, Onclave Networks, Inc. is urging organizations to concentrate on multi-faceted solutions that both identify and secure vulnerable OT/IoT endpoints and provide continuous monitoring and protection with Zero Trust and cryptographic microsegmentation. “One factor that is slowing adoption of cybersecurity solutions is the market is oversaturated with complex and expensive systems that are difficult to deploy, lack quantifiable ROI and are not scalable,” said Onclave Network’s chief marketing officer, Scott Martin. “The Onclave TrustedPlatform™ is streamlined to work as an overlay with new and existing network infrastructure. It’s a single, integrated platform containing all the discovery and security management tools needed to ensure a Zero Trust environment.” A key advantage of the Onclave TrustedPlatform™ is that it takes Zero Trust microsegmentation to the next level by detecting anomalous behaviors on the network, isolating threats, and continuously reassessing trust - protecting the most critical assets within the enterprise from cyberattacks launched from vulnerable endpoints in the network. “This represents a breakthrough from most cybersecurity tools, such as firewalls and VPNs, which are not designed to protect against unauthorized lateral movement,” noted Martin. “The growing convergence of IT and OT has created far more endpoints and blind spots across all industries, which increases the overall attack surface and network vulnerability. These are the vulnerable endpoints that cyberattackers are increasingly looking to exploit.” Recent actions by the federal government, the latest a January 26 plan released by the Office of Management and Budget, are expected to move not only government agencies but federal contractors and eventually all businesses towards solutions based on Zero Trust. Businesses that are on the path to Zero Trust need to develop a plan to not only identify all endpoints on their network for visibility and discovery, but also prioritize a fast-track budget to immediately secure critical endpoints that pose high-security risks to the enterprise network and the lives that rely on these connected systems and devices. About Onclave Networks, Inc. Onclave Networks, Inc. (McLean, VA) is a global cybersecurity leader securing new and legacy Operational Technology (OT) and IoT/IIOT devices including those using 5G. Onclave dramatically reduces cyberattack surfaces, breaches, network complexity, and costly overhead created by shared infrastructure - enabling a more efficient and secure way to operate and communicate. Delivering an integrated solution based on Zero Trust microsegmentation and leveraging proven methodologies used by the DoD, Onclave is well-positioned to protect vulnerable endpoints across all sectors, on-prem and in the cloud. Onclave brings real trust to communications by securing networks from edge to cloud.For more information or to request a demo, contact us, or download our white paper: info@onclavenetworks.com or visit www.onclavenetworks.com Microsegmentation white paper Media ContactSavannah Muirsavannah@newswire.com Source: Onclave Networks, Inc.