Simio is delighted to announce that the winners for the December 2021 Student Simulation Competition have emerged. Simio Student Simulation Competition is the largest competitive event dedicated to students participating in simulation modeling courses. The bi-annual event is open to graduate and undergraduate students from all educational institutions across the world. The December 2021 event featured 505 teams consisting of 1,838 students from 16 countries showcasing their ability to apply simulation modeling and scheduling software to solve real-world problems. The problem to be solved for the competition was centered on developing an optimized expansion plan for the Simio Clinic and Urgent Care institution. The winning strategy must consider the staffing challenges, the in-house patient care capacity of the institution, and finding a balance to maximize patient satisfaction levels within a stipulated budget. The panel of judges included Ivan Vilaboa, Professor at Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mardoqueo Velasquez, Faculty and Researcher at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (Guatemala), Randy Allenbach, Technical Fellow at Spirit AeroSystems (United States), Katy LfkovitsManagement Engineer III at Emory Healthcare (USA), and Mustafa Gocken, Assistant Professor at Adana Science and Technology University (Turkey). The panel of judges based their judgment on important criteria such as the quality of a team’s presentation, use of input data, modeling detail, quality of animation, and analysis of results. The competition was intense, many favorites were appraised but in the end, only one winner could emerge. Simio is delighted to announce ‘Solo’ as the winner of the December 2021 Simio Student Simulation Competition. As its name suggests, the winning team consists of a graduate student, Paul Longenecker supervised by Professor Smith from Auburn University.  The winning team utilized Simio Software to develop a model of the Simio Clinic and Urgent Care institution operational processes using historical data. Utilizing Simio, the team was able to provide an optimized scheduling and capacity plan that saved the clinic approximately $60,000 in operational costs.  The runner-up was the ‘Simiolation’ team from Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg), in third place was the ‘Simulation Nation’ from Temple University (United States of America), and the ‘Sarcastic Modeling’ team from Iowa State University completed the top four. Honorable mentions went to the ‘Wright Flyers’ team for great documentation and the Amigos for their creative presentation.  Eric Howard, VP of Marketing at Simio, stated, “The success of the Simio Student Competition continues to be an inspiration for everyone at Simio. Participating teams brought their A-game to the table and the panels of judges were impressed by the creativity and dedication of the students.”  He concluded by stating that ‘The next Simio Student Simulation Competition is open now for registration. Students and faculty heads can take advantage of the May 2022 competition to introduce students to the process of solving real-world problems using simulation modeling.” See the full results and register for the next problem at: Media Contact:Eric About Simio Student Simulation Competition: Simio’s dedication to introducing students to the world of Simulation Modeling and Scheduling has led to the use of Simio Software in approximately 800 educational institutions across the world. The Simio Student Simulation Competition is the largest event of its kind and it evaluates undergraduate and graduate students’ ability to apply simulation modeling and scheduling to solve industrial problems.  About Simio LLC: Simio LLC is an enterprise software business delivering disruptive solutions uniquely positioned to improve the design and operation of our customers’ businesses. Simio software is based on groundbreaking Simulation technology and is trusted by decision-makers in the world’s largest companies. We are an agile, fast-growing business solving the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. For more information about Simio LLC and the Simio Forward-Looking Digital Twin, visit Source: Simio LLC