eSafetyFirst Canada, a leading provider of online workplace safety training, is proud to announce that they have developed and implemented, on their platform, the first online occupational health and safety system that is designed for training a group of employees, all at the same time, and thus, by doing so, significantly reducing costs in comparison to a classroom training program, while at the same time allowing the employer to address questions and failed assessment modules, all in real-time.  “Online training companies have this individual training approach where everyone invited to take a course have their accounts and can do that course whenever they please or are being asked to. While we also offer this type of training, the real challenge was developing the group training solution as there are no other examples of best practices you can learn from”, said Andrei Rebegila, CEO of eSafetyFirst Canada. “With our Group Training solution, you can create a group of employees (minimum of six) and they will all be able to complete the course, all at the same time. This type of training also works well paired with the hands-on practical evaluation, frequently required with equipment-related safety training, which is workplace-specific, so you don’t have to chase everyone individually and check if they have done their program, ask for their certificates, check on the testing results, etc., before moving to the practical part.”

This development comes only a week after a recent interview for TheSafetyMag, where Andrei Rebegila, CEO of eSafetyFirst Canada, addressed one of the most frequently asked questions employers have: Is online safety training as good as classroom training?  The online occupational health and safety training program is part of eSafetyFirst Canada’s mission to provide the most up-to-date safety practices in a user-friendly environment. The courses are available for a fraction of the cost of other training programs available on the market and give participating companies the freedom to start and stop training so they can discuss safety protocols and learn at their own pace. Online group training is ideal for larger companies that have several employees to train at one time. It’s a great way to make sure your workers’ certifications are current and new employees complete necessary training before they get to work. ### About eSafetyFirst Canada eSafety First Canada is one of Canada’s leading providers of online occupational health and safety training and services. We have developed and deployed online training and assessment modules to meet and exceed Safety Standards for both workers and employers. We are dedicated to assist, implement, and achieve an incident-free work environment through our expertise in providing standards-compliant safety training. For more information, visit or follow us on our LinkedIn ( Source: eSafetyFirst