Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution - Revolutionary? Or otherwise?

If you’re looking for a new turn-based approach game, we’re talking about Acorn Assault: Rodent Transformation. This little title is everything about an Acorn tax obligation gone bad, increasing your own military, as well as overthrowing a king … So that becomes part of the story behind it, however what’s the rest of the story?

Exactly how can you begin playing, and are there any trendy “secrets” or techniques that you should find out about? Invite to my sneak peek of the Ultimate or possibly Not-So-Ultimate, Acorn Attack: Rodent Revolution.

Story Setting:

As it fittingly is, AARR (for brief) begins you off in the middle of an unjust acorn tax obligation. I recognize. I told you it was suitable.

The video game has 5 managers and also 25 levels.

When the king of the community, King Lous the Umpteenth issues an unreasonable acorn tax obligation as well as a rebel-squirrel refuses to pay, the Transformation begins … That’s the impact I obtained, anyhow.

Quick Approach as well as Exactly How to Play:

The game is arrangement on a 6x4 board on both sides of the area (unsure if this expands later on) with setups that range from waterfalls as well as castles, to rural areas and also homes. Your goal is to elevate a military of squirrels by using acorns (cash) to purchase your soldiers.

You can place 3 soldier-squirrels alongside each other, and make one powerful one. This has actually been contrasted to ‘kinging’ your piece in a video game of checkers. A lot more effective squirrels have extra health and wellness, as well as can carry out stronger strikes.

Throughout your turn, there are a number of variety of different steps that you can make to develop an extra effective squirrel-army.

You can utilize Power Ups to make an extra powerful armed forces system!

Increase your Stamina

Raise your Protection

Increase your health

You can choose to put more squirrel bear up the board along with sandbags and also barrels for soldier security. Considering that all assaults are horizontal-based assaults, it’s more effective to put your defense in front of whatever it is you do not desire assaulted.

I recognize. Simple.

You can finish your turn by selecting to attack the tyrant king (most likely at the end of the video game) and also his wicked army of other squirrel soldiers, or by carrying out the Power Up relocations we discussed previously.

The video game mores than when you or your opponent’s health and wellness bar gets to absolutely no.

After you dominate the Authoritarian King and also beat AARR you can take the game online with your buddies. I could not visualize the game taking more than a couple of hours a day as well as 1 week to defeat. That’s only my best choice.


AARR is a an ‘OK’ video game graphically. The video game has beautiful shades and also distinct sides. The cartoon-style to the video game fits it well … After that you get to the closeups of the squirrels. They’re blocky and extremely “N64 age.” It’s okay, but is a complete reminder that you are actually just playing a $10 video game. To me, this is a disappointment.

General Rating?

You need to be able to obtain an excellent 25 - 50 hours right into the without feeling as well repetitive. The truth that you can have fun with your good friends is nice, but as a result of the (IMO) recurring nature of the video game, this will certainly be put down by most after a month or much less of play.

In my book, the Rat Revolution might simply not be so revolutionary obtaining a 2.5/ 5 stars.


  1. Can you play this title online with friends? Yes.

  2. What type of video game is this? This is a strategy, turn-based game that can conveniently be developed into a board game that you might play at residence. (Although, I don’t assume that will happen at any time quickly.).

So before you go, I simply intend to claim that I more than happy to have you here. If you want to leave YOUR evaluation of Rodent Change and also have it be seen by various other games, check out Owl VG Reviews [] This is the most convenient method to share your VG evaluation with the globe.