Compass Innovations™, a leader in healthcare technology, announced the release of VirtuVisit™, a telehealth platform that takes patient care beyond video and voice. While simple voice and video technology served as an effective temporary solution during the pandemic, the demand for quality patient experience remains.  Compass Innovations recently began working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, with a focus on healthcare. AWS brings powerful tools and services to the market, such as Amazon Chime, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and Amazon Comprehend. Compass Innovations builds on these core capabilities with healthcare-specific, patented intellectual property to deliver a clean, intuitive virtual-care experience. Integrating VirtuVisit with electronic health record (EHR) systems, such as Epic, seamlessly automates the documentation effort, giving providers more time to focus on the patient encounter and delivering new analytical insights on patient/provider interactions. The resultant analytical insights produced from the visit interactions are powered by Amazon QuickSight. Compass Innovation’s creators know clinicians are overworked and patients want meaningful connections with their care team. VirtuVisit recognizes keywords, voice inflections, and more via natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and AI, which improves efficiency and delivers greater insight across the enterprise. VirtuVisit utilizes NLP to identify and report if a provider speaks differently or inconsistently across encounters, which could signify a potential unconscious bias. With this information, healthcare systems can apply positive deviation best practices to address and correct issues before they become larger and more visible problems to patients. Beyond care delivery, sentiment analysis can detect, analyze, and flag concerns with patients in advance of traditional survey strategies. Having proactive virtual interaction information helps identify areas of strength and improvement opportunities in near real time. VirtuVisit can improve patient interactions with every visit, and the new insights gained can elevate the delivery of equitable care. “VirtuVisit elevates the power of AWS, taking telehealth beyond video and voice recording. This tool empowers clinicians to deliver better care and optimize operations. We lessen potential time-consuming clicks in a clinician’s day, so they can focus on the patient’s issue instead of typing patient notes and listening simultaneously. We are taking bold steps to automate the patient intake process and capture the diagnostic encounter, providing analytics insight across a health care system in a way that was never possible in a brick-and-mortar world,” said Kevin Carr, M.D., Founder of Compass Innovations. VirtuVisit is scalable for all healthcare providers and EHR systems and integrates with additional customer relationship management products. Features are configurable and include NLP and AI-embedded workflows, virtual voice assistant device integration, mobile and desktop one-click access, EHR workflow integration, and more. Visit to book a demo. VirtuVisit is a product of the Compass Innovations software suite:  Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.  Source: Compass Innovations