Aimpoint Digital, an industry-leading team of data scientists, data engineers, analytics consultants, and industry experts dedicated to accelerating the strategic vision of its clients through data and analytics, announced today a partnership with Snorkel AI, a data-centric AI platform company that equips data scientists and developers to label data programmatically and harness the power of foundation models to build highly accurate and adaptable AI applications.   Snorkel AI empowers Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and other AI innovators to solve their most impactful business problems with a transformative approach to data-centric AI. The company’s flagship AI development platform Snorkel Flow is powered by state-of-the-art techniques in programmatic data labeling and weak supervision. Snorkel AI’s unique approach enables data science and machine learning teams to overcome manual labeling bottlenecks and accelerate AI application development 10-100x.        The collaboration between Aimpoint Digital’s professional services and Snorkel AI will break new ground for the development of new enterprise AI applications. According to Gartner, “Data challenges of accessibility, volume, and quality are the top three barriers to AI implementation.” Snorkel AI’s programmatic labeling capabilities and data-centric workflows will now allow Aimpoint Digital clients to solve complex NLP problems that range from extracting chronic disease data from clinical trials to analyzing the root cause of insurance claims to assessing customer intent and sentiment in conversational data.        “Aimpoint Digital’s dedication to reshaping organizations with data is an ideal fit with our data-centric approach to AI,” said Alex Ratner, co-founder and CEO, Snorkel AI. “The combination of Snorkel AI’s data-centric AI approach with Aimpoint’s deep industry expertise and robust services capabilities will empower our joint customers to realize value from AI in new and innovative ways. Together, we can help more organizations across the globe capitalize on programmatic labeling, foundation models, and other paradigm shifts in machine learning to solve their most impactful problems and ultimately realize the potential of AI at scale.”  “We are excited to partner with Snorkel AI to expand our capabilities to drive innovation utilizing the latest technologies in AI and ML for our clients. This expansion marks a natural progression in Aimpoint Digital’s evolution as an industry leader dedicated to helping organizations make intelligent, value-based business decisions,” said Ben Yopp, Managing Partner of Aimpoint Digital. “Snorkel AI has been at the forefront of data-centric AI, which is critical to improving the quality of AI applications and the speed at which enterprises can build them. The entire team at Aimpoint Digital is looking forward to working in tandem with a company that is committed to a future driven by the goal of creating amazing customer experiences.”   To find out more about Aimpoint Digital, please visit  About Aimpoint Digital: Aimpoint Digital is an analytics firm at the forefront of solving the most complex business and economic challenges through the usage of data and analytical technology. From the integration of self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing data infrastructure environments, they operate across transformative domains to improve the performance of organizations. To learn more, please visit   About Snorkel AI: Founded by a team spun out of the Stanford AI Lab, Snorkel AI makes AI application development fast and practical by unlocking the power of machine learning without the bottleneck of manually-labeled training data. Snorkel Flow is the first data-centric AI platform powered by programmatic labeling. Backed by Addition, Greylock, GV, In-Q-Tel, Lightspeed Venture Partners and funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, the company is based in Palo Alto. For more information on Snorkel AI, please visit or follow @SnorkelAI.  Source: Aimpoint Digital