Infosenseglobal announced the community release of ML Sense, a first and unique, no code artificial intelligence platform to develop machine learning models in the most nimble and agile manner. The product comes out of the box with more than 40 machine and deep learning models ready to use. To use this product, end users can ingest data from your local desktop or various cloud sources in CSV or industry-standard formats. This is the very first release of the product since it announced its AI division last in February 2021. Infosenseglobal CEO Hitesh Ruparelia believes that his existing ERP customers could leverage this platform via simple predefined data connectors for finance, manufacturing, etc., that they could use for everyday AI/ML application needs. He believes ML Sense is a game-changer product. With its unique intuitive, and easy functionalities, customers can perform rapid experimentation and attain speeds never seen before. ML Sense is a SAAS offering. The 100% free-to-use community version has significant functionalities such as automatic feature selection and engineering, data transformation, scenario builder, hypothesis validation, etc. He further adds that these features would be our competitive advantage compared to existing products and create a niche market position for Infosenseglobal. With ML Sense, the business end-users are empowered to initiate and execute ML programs without the need for technical staff such as engineers and data scientists. Customers will be able to complete the program in days that would have taken weeks earlier. Additionally, they would need no knowledge or prior experience in programming, statistics, or advanced skills to implement and choose which ML models will work for their business scenario. “The good news is that this is just the beginning. ML sense platform is built on top of various open-source mainstream technologies to automate the lifecycle of machine learning applications.  Our next goal is to launch this in the marketplace offered by the major cloud providers. The marketplace provides an option to deploy ML Sense in the customers’ existing cloud ecosystem. The idea is to provide an alternative solution wherein the customers are not required to bring the data to our platform. This would address the data privacy and compliance-related concerns of our customers. Additionally, many more exciting features and cloud connectors are in the product pipeline soon to be released,” said Rajesh Hassija, CTO, Infosenseglobal Inc. Established in 2006, Infosenseglobal has headquarters in the U.S. and India and offers leading technical business solutions. Backed by deep expertise and experience, Infosenseglobal specializes in creating and delivering bespoke artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for some of the world’s leading businesses.  Contact Information Infosenseglobal, Incsales@infosenseglobal.com1.888.510.2552 Source: Infosenseglobal Inc