Deliveright, the company behind the leading white-glove, final-mile digital delivery platform, Grasshopper, is announcing Grasshopper Lite, a trial version of its flagship solution. The proprietary AI-powered platform automates complicated logistics, including final-mile delivery of big and bulky goods such as furniture, despite disruptions throughout the global supply chain. Grasshopper Lite expands the availability of the patented, all-in-one solution to help more merchants and logistics companies realize improved efficiencies for their customers.  Created in 2014, Grasshopper automates traditionally manual supply chain processes, improving the logistics and final-mile delivery of heavy or bulky goods that weigh over 150 pounds or require assembly or installation (such as bunk beds) beyond FedEx/UPS capabilities. The Lite version empowers more merchants and logistics companies shipping heavy goods with control over all stages of fulfillment. It enables real-time data and delivery tracking from the point of origin to the customer’s home, shipping cost analysis, and service levels ranging from curbside to full white-glove delivery.  “Customers expect an exceptional experience regardless of the state of the supply chain, and it’s on market leaders to integrate technology into the traditionally manual world of transporting and delivering large, tangible products,” said Doug Ladden, CEO of Deliveright. “Our team is dedicated to developing digital solutions to help delivery companies and merchants provide better and more transparent service to their customers.” Grasshopper Lite users are equipped with a Grasshopper environment account upon signing up. In minutes, operators can enter orders and schedule deliveries. Large-scale delivery providers using other digital logistics tools are encouraged to try Grasshopper Lite, the only platform that provides an end-to-end solution, by combining warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS) under one roof. The integration enables increased visibility between steps and a more streamlined flow of information, reducing manual work, human error, and costly delays, paving the way for a smoother shipping experience.  To sign up for Grasshopper Lite, visit Learn more about Deliveright at About Deliveright Deliveright is the first AI-powered logistics and delivery technology company to solve final-mile, heavy goods delivery challenges for e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturers needing white-glove service. Launched in 2018 to streamline the supply chain for heavy goods, Deliveright’s technology, combined with its vast delivery network, makes white-glove delivery seamless, transparent, and accessible for businesses of all sizes, enabling improved customer experience and increased revenue. Deliveright’s proprietary logistics technology platform, Grasshopper®, manages all stages of fulfillment, enabling complete supply chain visibility to the customer’s home. Serving more than 1,000 customers in e-commerce and manufacturing across the furniture, industrial equipment, and transportation industries, Grasshopper is also licensed nationwide by delivery and freight companies, ensuring that every delivery is tracked across a complex transportation network and customer service platform. The company is headquartered in North Carolina and operates across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit Press Contact Jill Rosenthal/Quarter Horse PR for Deliveright Source: Deliveright