The upcoming White House Summit on the Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy will be an opportunity to create thousands of high paying jobs in the emerging fusion energy industry across America. Since the industrial revolution, the U.S. has led the world in the discovery and commercialization of new energy sources that jump-started global industries. From oil to electricity, to nuclear to electric vehicles, the U.S. has always had an entrepreneurial environment. Kronos Fusion Energy’s Partner and Chief Legislative Strategist, Ethan Bond, sees many similarities between the start of earlier energy industries in the U.S. and today’s fusion energy industry, “Each revolution in energy in the past has resulted in the creation of countless jobs in the U.S. The fusion energy industry will go down the same path for job creation, except at an expedited speed due to the state of the technology being ready now, as global energy shortages can be tailwinds that will accelerate industry growth.” Kronos Fusion Energy’s Founder Priyanca Ford talks about the various jobs specialties that will be needed in the fusion energy industry, “The fusion energy industry is now hiring hundreds of scientists, mathematicians, computer systems experts, energy industry experts, and top experts in technology fields to design and simulate the next-generation fusion energy generators. But the huge job growth will come from the U.S. small businesses that will create thousands of jobs to build the parts and power plant to the exact specifications.” The White House Fusion Energy Summit recognizes that the U.S. is advancing fusion energy technologies that will lead to commercial fusion energy generators being designed and built by an all-American industry base. This will include small businesses in the fields of producing metal parts, electronics, services, computer science, security, science, energy, accounting, SAP, big data analytics, supercomputing, simulations, construction, and many other disciplines. The U.S. fusion energy industry will have a big advantage over foreign competitors because every component of the Kronos Fusion Energy Power Plant will be licensed to certified U.S. manufacturers who will be the only companies in the world capable of producing all the sophisticated components. The Kronos Fusion Energy Power Plant will need all high-tolerance U.S.-made parts to operate correctly, so foreign competition will not be able to take U.S. jobs with cheaper labor. Traditional clean energies like solar and wind only generate energy part of the time and they are usually not located where the demand for the energy is located, so distribution costs will increase the cost to the consumers. Today’s carbon-burning coal, oil, and natural gas plants have the distribution networks but don’t have clean energy. Fusion energy only needs water as fuel and generators can be placed at the distribution hubs of older carbon during power plants, so there will be jobs for power plant workers all over the U.S. to prepare for the fusion energy transformation. For further information: Kronos Fusion Energy 1122 Colorado St Austin, TX 78701 PR Contact - Erin Pendleton - Source: Kronos Fusion Energy