Electronic Health Records (EHR) in fertility medicine have traditionally not kept up with the clinical and technical advancements in women’s health. With today’s announcement that Fertility PRO has launched in Canada, the industry now has a comprehensive platform designed to increase success, productivity and reduce costs. Customers will benefit from a speciality-specific EMR designed for the intricacies of fertility - such as roles and relationships for intended parents, donors, and surrogates - and a proven cloud-based platform that has end-to-end solutions with the latest in patient care developments, regulatory requirements, reimbursement rules and standards of excellence.  “There is simply no better software solution on the market today to meet the unique needs of patients, clinics and labs in fertility medicine,” says John Butler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fertility PRO. “We are humbled and honored to help deliver unmatched patient care into such a beautiful country and we will do our utmost to make a difference, ‘From Sea to Sea.’” Fertility PRO was conceived as a solution to improve access to valuable data and analytics, and to replace failing EMRs and pen-and-paper clinics.  Developed with some of the most successful clinics worldwide, the software suite features distinct modules for every aspect of fertility care that can be seamlessly integrated and, as such, reduce system-wide redundancy. “While the fertility industry has specific needs in an EMR platform, like all specialities, accurate, real-time patient care is necessary for practice optimization,” said Michael McCrary, Director of Product Development at Fertility PRO. “Fertility PRO’s cloud-based platform gives providers and their staff a unique option for streamlining and maximizing their workflow.” Fertility PRO delivers a range of patient features such as customizable patient forms, consents, messaging and education that are configurable by patient type, sex, gender, gender Identity, sexual identity and language. “It was of the utmost importance for us to create an application that recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of our world,” says Bradford Kolb, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fertility PRO. “We never lose sight of the patient and want to do everything we can, as a software company, to help all Intended parents create the families they deserve.” About Fertility PRO Fertility PRO is a complete software solution that not only increases practice efficiency, but is easy for all users within the fertility spectrum of care to quickly adopt and embrace. Developed hand-in-hand with some of the most successful clinics worldwide, we help bring practices to the next level of successful patient outcomes. Contact us at www.fertilitypro.ca Media Contact: Ellen Dowling Director, Marketing Communications edowling@fertilitypro.com www.fertilitypro.ca Source: Fertility PRO