Amplo Global Inc.’s risk management platform is now available in the AWS Marketplace. AmploFly4.0™ is an AI moderated strategy synthesis platform to drive cloud strategy and operations verticalization across domains and industries. This will allow enterprise customers to self-direct their strategy in a quantifiable manner, improve interconnectivity, achieve greater information transparency by bringing end-to-end visibility strategy, reimagine the overall value chain, and recharge company culture. The design and data-led format of the modules integrates the steps necessary to achieve Industry 4.0 efficiencies as well. As a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), Amplo Global Inc. empowers customers to become more efficient, agile, connected, and collaborative than ever before. Having cloud-based strategy modeling is going to disrupt the ecosystem. Simulation and optimization of a business initiative will be a must, post-pandemic, to explore and invest money wisely by organizations and, in turn, manage risk and create resilience.   This engagement builds on an existing relationship that earned Amplo Global Inc. the AWS APN Select Tier status. Partners who achieve this level meet specific criteria measuring them on knowledge, experience, and customer success on AWS. Together, the companies are providing a complete cloud services and cloud management portfolio that will give enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.  Amplo Global Inc. offers a set of solutions powered by proprietary cloud-based, self-directed data, and design-led platforms: AmploFly4.0™ and AmploFlyDT™. “Strategy in cloud is a new normal category to measure strategic initiatives, driving better decision making, especially when the whole supply chain is in chaos,” says Anirban Bhattacharyya, Founder and Chairman of Board at Amplo Global Inc. This engagement strengthens the mission to create and advance a connected ecosystem capable of accelerating value chain growth. About Amplo Global Inc. Helping companies navigate the new normal. Amplo Global Inc. is an AI-driven company committed to empowering an organization to take control of its future in today’s ever-changing digital world. Their proprietary, cloud-based, data-led and design-led platform enables a business to self-direct its strategy in a quantifiable manner, improve interconnectivity, achieve greater information transparency, re-imagine its value chain, refine its customer/supplier relationships and recharge its company culture. Amplo Global Inc., founded in 2018, is headquartered in New Jersey, but has associates and partners throughout the globe, including Europe, India and Singapore. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Megha Mondal Email: Tel: +1 732-575-9230 Source: Amplo Global Inc.