Conversational AI chatbots have become a popular way for businesses to engage with their customers across many different industries. Using natural language processing, chatbots are able to engage with your customers in a human-like way, figure out their intent, and give them quick solutions. At a time where remote working is more widespread than ever, chatbots have helped companies maintain a cohesive customer experience and drive brand loyalty. Here are some issues that companies face when it comes to remote customer service, and the value that conversational AI chatbots can bring to a remote workforce. Common Issues Regarding Work-from-Home Customer Service Communication Working from home can create both internal and external communication issues for customer service employees. There can be issues with internet connectivity and audio, which can make it harder to interact with customers on calls. Additionally, there may be less communication between customer service representatives since they’re not working together in an office. This means that they may not converse about every challenge that they may be facing, and resolving these issues can be more difficult with a lack of communication. Management and Supervision Issues Management support can sometimes be less readily available when it comes to remote working. This can lead to customer service issues taking longer to resolve, which can cause longer wait times and customer complaints. And with less supervision, it can be more difficult to train representatives and identify ways to improve customer interactions. Availability In the office, customer service representatives don’t have to deal with the distractions they may face at home. Whether you have a child to take care of or a roommate taking calls in the same room, it may be harder for representatives to answer the phone or respond to messages from customers immediately at some points throughout their day. The Value of Chatbots in Cohesive CX Here are some ways that chatbots can maintain cohesive customer experience: 24/7 Service Chatbots are available 24/7, so they can answer any questions or resolve issues that your customers may have outside of business hours. Instead of having to be put on hold or wait until the next business day to talk to a representative, chatbots can answer their queries right away. High-Quality Live Chat Since chatbots use natural language processing methods to communicate with customers, they’re able to determine the customer’s intent and answer questions like a human would. This allows them to meet customer needs with ease, all while giving customers a similar experience to talking with a customer service representative. Data Analysis With a high volume of customer conversations each day, it can be very difficult for representatives to analyze the little details of each interaction when identifying ways to improve. Luckily, chatbots are able to gather data from each conversation and use this information to help representatives learn from customer feedback and improve interactions. The Bottom Line There are many challenges that remote customer service employees may face, from communication to management issues. Using chatbots can help improve the way that your company communicates with customers, which will lead to more customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Through 24/7 service, high-quality live chat, and data analysis, conversational AI chatbots can create a cohesive customer experience and improve the way your representatives talk to customers throughout the remote workforce. Source: iQuanti, Inc.