Ziotag Inc., a New York-based technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make searching and navigating video and audio content a seamless experience — announces the availability of its product in the Zoom App Marketplace. Zoom customers will now have the ability to automatically classify and tag recorded Zoom meetings and presentations, giving them instant access to a detailed, AI-driven index and table of contents for each session. This enables viewers to automatically discover, search, share, and manage the content of their Zoom meetings and events — providing a win-win scenario through yielding unprecedented accessibility for Zoom publishers and users. With 71% of employed adults reporting that they now work remotely, recent events have created a crucial need for distance-enabled solutions in the workplace. With more meetings online than ever before, critical information is now communicated through video.  Ziotag’s proprietary AI solution combines machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition (OCR), empowering viewers to quickly navigate libraries of content. This helps users to unlock concepts and find exactly what they are looking for. OCR gives the software the capacity to analyze on-screen visuals such as PowerPoint presentations or whiteboard text, making all audio and visual information more easily available for comprehensive repurposing. “Incidental Content in the form of live meetings and events is creating an information crisis as the tools to explore and engage with that content fall far short of what people need,” said Rob Savette, the VP Enterprise of Market Development at Ziotag. “We are delighted for the opportunity to work with Zoom’s video conferencing solutions and have the chance to bring Ziotag’s innovative solutions to more customers than ever before.” “I use Ziotag to embed video clips into my business documents and agile artifacts,” said Ziotag client Ken Adler, a security professional who helps companies implement their Digital Trust, Identity, and InfoSec. “The result has significantly increased the impact of my business communications. Ziotag for Zoom is a game-changer in improving workflow.” To date, there has been no feasible solution for deriving vital information from the vast amount of videos that are out there, and no solution to accurately and efficiently deliver information to the people that need it the most. Ziotag’s unique solution will be an exponential multiplier on how people can utilize and share the content they create during their Zoom video conferencing experiences. Ziotag for Zoom is currently available through the Zoom App Marketplace and is easily implemented within your Zoom profile.   About Ziotag Inc.:  Ziotag’s AI-driven video makes classifying, searching, and navigating video content a rewarding and relevant experience. Any enterprise or organization using video as part of its growth strategy will realize greater engagement, usage, and content retention through the use of Ziotag’s products. For more information, visit www.ziotag.com. FOR ZIOTAG CONTACT  Name: Jeffrey Paul Founder, CEO Phone: 908-723-1728  Email: jeff@ziotag.com Source: Ziotag Inc.